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7 Deadly Sins of website design

The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Site Design

What will make your customers call the competition?

Your web site could be your customers’ first impression of your business, so it must reflect high quality and persuade them  to buy from you.

Out of all the business web sites we visit, many have a major problem - one or more of the below 'seven sins'.

If your site has any of the following problems, your prospective customers are more likely to call the competition than you ...

1. Your site doesn't exist:

If you publicise a site address and it doesn't exist, or is 'under construction', your potential customers will simply try the next one. Many of the sites that we try and visit don't exist, and just give you a ‘404 Error’ message.

2. Email doesn't work:

If your published email address causes errors, or email is not responded to in a timely manner, they will try someone else.

3. Out of date information will not build confidence in your business.

4. Broken images or links are a sign of poor maintenance - will they trust you with their business?

5. Slow response will try your visitor's patience.

6. Little or no product information  how can visitors evaluate your product if they have no information?

7. Missing or inaccessible contact details make it hard for customers to order from you.

In particular, on-line customers will look for an email address. There are many sites that do not publish an email address or online contact method and are missing out on an important communication channel with their customers.

How we can help

We have design and marketing experience to get your site noticed.

We can purge your site of these business ‘Fo-Pahs’ through a website rebuild or makeover.

If your site needs more frequent updates, consider a maintenance agreement, which gives you:

• Quick no-hassle updates when you need them.

• Free advice with email and telephone support.

Alternatively, you can make use of our On Line Support system  to keep the site content updated yourselves.

Don't allow your web-site to drive your potential customers away because of errors that can be easily and quickly discovered and corrected. We offer a cost effective site audit and will undertake site repairs and updates to improve the usability and performance of your website.