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Is your PC feeling Tired?  Is your LAPTOP getting sluggish and takes forever to boot up?

It could be you have something NASTY running in the background taking up all your Computers resources, Or it might just be you need to look at Upgrading the Memory or getting a bigger hard Drive.

It wasn’t THAT long ago when you only used it to play games on, and maybe check your e-mails now and then. However, In today's ever changing high tech world, your PC or Laptop has become more and more important to the way you live your life.

UKOM, the official cross-industry standards body that measures online audiences,  revealed that between July-December 2016, the average Briton spent over 3 hours per day online. 48% of their online time was spent on smartphones, 38% on desktop / laptops and 14% on tablets.

That works out at nearly 21 ½ hours per week, up from 14½ hours per week back in 2013

It is therefore VITALLY important that your PC or Laptop is in tip top condition,

We provide ....

a prompt, personal and professional service for all your home computing needs.

Help and advice on PC, peripheral and Network hardware and Software purchase.

Complete On-site Installation and setup service.

Internet and Wi-Fi connection.

Help with email and web browsing.

Networking - wired or wireless, installation and support.

System or software upgrades.

Personal tuition.

Virus and spy ware elimination.


Preventive maintenance to keep your IT hardware performing at its best.

Why Choose Us?

We are a local company providing a personal service - not an anonymous call centre.

We come to you - there is no need to bring your machine to us.

Personal tuition is provided on YOUR machine.

We have over 20 years experience in the IT industry.


As well as providing Excellent HARDWARE upgrade and repair services, we can also help and advise you with all your

Data backups

Wi-Fi Network setups

Operating System and Software Installations & Upgrades

Software Tune-ups


Sounds weird I know, but your Computer is a MECHANICAL DEVICE just like your Car!

If you continually run your car year after year without getting it serviced, you would expect it to start breaking down right? So WHY DO THE SAME WITH WITH YOUR COMPUTER?

Over time, the cooling system on your PC will start to degrade causing your system CPU to overheat and eventually break down.

Dirt, dust, pet hairs, biscuit crumbs, tea / coffee drips - they all get lodged under the keyboard of your laptop, and WILL eventually find their way inside your device potentially causing the motherboard to short out.

We can give your PC or laptop a COMPLETE strip-down overhaul , cleanup and service. I don’t mean just running some PC Tune-up software to clean out all your old temporary Internet files and emptying your recycle bin, (although we can do this as well), I mean a COMPLETE strip-down and clean up of your device, making it look as good as new and running as it should do.

VIRUS, SPYWARE and other malicious MALWARE Removal

There are literally HUNDREDS of different Virus, Malware and Adware threats being created every week.

We all know about them (or at least know OF them), but do you know what the different forms are, what the latest threats are (and what they do), and probably more importantly - do you know what to look out for to know if your computer is infected with one or not?

Not only do we offer a comprehensive FIXED PRICE Cleaning service to get rid of any threats you may have on your computer already, but we can also provide you with help and advice on what software you need, and how to avoid getting these threats again in the future!

To find out what the different threat types are, take a look at our COMPUTER THREAT DEFINITION page, then follow us on TWITTER or LIKE our FACEBOOK page by following the Links at the top of the page to get the low-down on all the latest threats.


Looking to buy a new PC, Laptop or Tablet? We offer completely impartial, non techno-speak buying advise for all your new Computers, Printers, and any other Hardware requirements.  

See HERE for more details…


Just bought some Software and can’t get the hang of using it?

Need to learn how to surf the Internet? Or use your E-mail services properly?

Maybe you just need to learn how to optimise the Windows settings so you get the most from your computer.

Don't like the thought of going to some College or Library course where you probably WON’T get the one to one tuition you need?

For  about the same price as a half decent teach yourself book, I WILL COME TO YOUR HOME and will teach you WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN, ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER, and AT YOUR OWN PACE!

Just fill out the simple form on our CONTACT US page, or follow the link at the top of the page to LIKE and get in touch via my FACEBOOK  page and ask about my personal tuition services.

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Open to people aged 60+ our Silver Surfers club offers you some great Discounts and benefits*.

For just £18.00 for 1 year or £28.00 for 2 years, (that works out at under 30p per week), your membership entitles you to 20% DISCOUNT** off the cost of ANY repair, service, upgrade or installation carried out by us on your personal PC or laptop, or 15% off the cost of our personal tuition and buying advice services.



  ONLY open to Scout Association members , Just ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page by clicking the link at   the top of the page, or show us your membership [Role] card, to receive 20% off ANY of our  services**

NEW FOR 2017

KWCS HomeTECH       A lightweight application that proactively monitor’s your computer’s
                                                           health and alerts you to any potential issues before they become a
                                                           pain to you.

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  *  Membership open to Private [home PC] customers only , Discounts Valid only after membership fees are paid in full .

 ** Discounts apply against labour costs only, NOT hardware or Software purchases.

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