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Self Design PC Builder

KWCS PC Builder - Any components, any way you want

KWCS Custom PC Builder - Build a PC from scratch:

The KWCS Custom PC Builder allows you to
start at any point to create your own unique build.
You are not forced to start with a base machine
and change components in that build. You can
start with any components, be it a CPU,
motherboard, case, hard drive or even a stick of
memory. The choice is yours. This is what makes
our custom builder unique to both the Self Build
enthusiast and the reseller market.

Physically see the products you’re ordering:

We show you a true representation of the system you are creating, not just a list of text. How do you know  what you’ve put in the build? Did you add the Kingston blue or black gaming memory? The KWCS Custom PC Builder shows images of the components you’ve selected, so you don’t even have to worry about remembering the part number or product code.

Multiple Hard drives and optical drives can be added:

No two builds are the same, and we don’t want to stop you building a home PC, a media centre or even a business workstation. You can design whatever you want, with the parts that you want to use. We have even added rules to make sure that the components you add will work with everything else; add multiple hard drives, mix SSDs and mechanical hard drives, choose multiple memory modules etc. If one part is incompatible with another part, the Custom PC Builder will alert you to the specific problem; it will even tell you if it thinks you need a more powerful power supply than the one you have chosen, the internal and external connections available and even what speed of memory you can use.

Save up to 10 builds and name them:

Whether you want to create a starting point for future builds or create a quote for a customer, you can save each of your builds to use again. There is nothing worse that designing a PC and not remembering what you had in it. The KWCS Custom PC Builder allows you to save up to 10 different builds, name them and then recall them as-and-when you like. Want to change a part in a build? Just recall it, change the part you need to and re-save for future use.

KWCS Custom PC Builder Notes System - for Special Instructions:

It’s your build and it’s unique to you, so tell us how you want it built. It you have 7 drive bays and you want to put the BluRay in the 3rd bay and the DVD-RW in the 5th, you can tell us that. Add any special instructions you want and we will do our best to accommodate them. On the very rare occasion we can’t, - we’ll contact you and tell you why.

Intuitive rules system to stop errors being made:

With over 18,000+ checks and rules in place, our system build will make sure that the PC you design will work with all your selected parts. We check everything from power connections on the PSU to the SATA connections on the motherboard and everything in-between.

Recommendations on builds:

Unlike any other system configurator, we make
suggestions. If you add a graphics card with a
manufacturer’s suggested power of 600w , and
your PSU is 600w  we will still allow  you to continue
with the build, but we will recommend that you
increase your PSU power for any further upgrades.
Add 8GB of RAM  and a 32-bit operating system
and we will recommend you change to the 64-bit.
We won’t stop you ordering (it’s your build!), but we
wouldn’t be doing our job right if we didn’t make

Designed specifically with YOU in mind:

The KWCS Custom PC Builder has taken a long time to create, and right from the start we set off with just 1 thing in mind: our customers. The configurator needed to be quick and easy-to-use, intuitive, reliable and flexible and that’s what we created. We are so confident in our builds, that all our systems come with the KWCS 3-Year Warranty. The Custom PC Builder is designed so you can start anywhere you want and build up from there. We know that each and every build is unique and our customers all start from different points, so we created it making sure that it fits around you and how you want to work.

Try it now!   And see for yourself just how intuitive it really is !