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How do I get Started?

How do I get started?

 We offer a free initial consultation to go over your particular requirements and answer any questions.

From our discussions with you, our research, and looking at any material you supply, we will propose a site design. Once agreed, we will do the coding and preparation of the required graphics and any customised software.

From a single page to a comprehensive business site, every site is designed to your requirements, leaving you free to do what you do best.

But I don’t have a Domain name or anything!

If you do not have a suitable domain name or hosting arrangements, we can arrange registration and additional facilities such as email. Hosting services are arranged to suit your needs and budget.

On publication of your site, we offer continued support through our maintenance package - customised to your requirements.

What if I have a tight budget?

We can produce a simple Starter site comprising of a single page, right through to a comprehensive business site with 10s of pages, so we can cater for ANY budget.

Our Budget Starter site will provide you with a simple, effective no-frills web presence at a competitive price.

What if I need more than just a web site?

Our complete turnkey Solutions can also include the supply of suitable PC systems, software and training. See the 'Hardware' and 'Training' sections of this site for more details.

How will customers find my site?

The quantity of information available on the Internet is simply staggering, so it is of the utmost importance that your pages are promoted correctly.

As part of the design of your site, we will use our extensive experience and knowledge of the Internet to produce 'search engine friendly' content.

We will advise you on the ways you make your existing and potential customers aware of your web site and help you integrate it into your existing advertising.

How will I keep my site up to date?

The Internet is a highly dynamic environment

To stay ‘up to date’, your site pages will require regular maintenance. A 12 month maintenance period is offered with all our website design work.

This includes :

 - Quick no-hassle updates when you need them.

 - Free advice with email and telephone support.

As an alternative to us doing the changes for you, an on-line editing facility can also be made available which enables you to modify selected sections of your pages through a web based interface.

This maintenance agreement may be renewed every year.

If you prefer to maintain the site yourselves and have the right software and technical skills, we will provide you with all the files on a CDROM. We are of course happy to quote for occasional updates as the need arises.

What if I already have a site, and just need some updates?

As well as designing new sites, we undertake either routine maintenance or improvements to your existing pages.

We offer a FREE evaluation of your site.

Read about how your business could benefit from an update or makeover  HERE >>.