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Why have a website?

Why Have a Web Site ?

With the vast increase in the numbers of people using the Internet, it is becoming more and more valuable for you to promote your business or organisation on the web. If you have an entry in a 'business' phone book, then it's increasingly important to have a web site as well.

For your business ..

 - Is your product or service of medium to high value?

 - Do you wish to sell it to customers outside your local area?

 - Are your competitors using the Internet?

 - Does the range or availability of your product change quickly?

 - Are your business communications slow, limited and taking too much time and budget?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', then you should certainly consider a Web Site.

For those businesses marketing their products or services outside their immediate area, the cost of advertising space, producing brochures etc. and the time taken to distribute them is enormous.

A Web site can carry far more information than you could include in a brochure, as well as being quick and easy to update - your customers need never work from out of date information.

Magazine adverts often need to be placed months in advance, and so may well be out of date by the time they are read. With your information 'on line', your customers can access it and get all the up to date information they need at a fraction of the cost to you.

Moreover, those customers who do contact you having seen your web site will already be interested, and more likely to place an order.

For your Organisation ..

For a non-profit, charity organisations and churches, the rewards from having a web site are just as great, with increased exposure, and contact with other interested people.

 - Publicise your activities.

 - Attract new members.

 - Gain the Interest of potential sponsors.

How we can help ..

Many people simply don't have the skills or time to promote themselves on the Internet in an effective way, and so to help you, we offer a comprehensive design and maintenance service.

For a single inclusive fee, we will design your web site and maintain it as required. We will also arrange a suitable domain name and hosting arrangements. Our policy is to maintain your web site with minimum involvement from you, leaving you free to do what you do best.

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