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If you are running old, out of date versions of  your software or Operating System, you could be putting your business data at risk.

On April 8, 2014, Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP, and Microsoft Office 2003. This means you will no longer receive updates, (including security updates), for Windows XP or office 2003 from Microsoft.

Malware and Virus developers WILL try to take advantage of this and if you are still running XP or Office 2003 after this date, you are more likely to be targeted, leaving you more vulnerable to on-line threats.

Whether you require a new operating System for your PC, or need to look at installing backup software or the latest Database for your contacts , We offer advice on all software upgrade paths and can install them on-site.

We can upgrade your system either in conjunction with our web site design and development services or as a separate service.